Payment methods


You can pay for your reservation in cash with a visit to our office, 115 Tsimiski 115, Thessaloniki | 1st floor

Banking transaction

You can pay for your reservation by transferring and / or depositing in one of the following bank accounts of our office:

    • Piraeus Bank | 5266 0221 18 496
    • Eurobank | 0026 0139 30 0200276261
    • Nathional Bank of Greece | 219 440499 86
    • Alpha Bank | 707002002017684


  • Before proceeding with transfering and / or depositing money there must be a prior reservation and confirmation of the reservation
  • Beneficiary: A.Vafeiadou – A.Stylianou G.P.
  • Reason: full name | destination | excursion date | phone number
  • After any payment to any bank account it is necessary to send the transaction depository by e-mail, filling in any indication of the reasons not shown in the depository

Debit / Credit card

You can pay for your reservation by debit / credit card (Visa / Mastercard) either by visiting our office (Tsimiski 115 1st floor, Thessaloniki) or by charging the card remotely.

On-line electronic transaction

In cases of excursions that can be booked online you can pay by credit / debit / prepaid card or via Paypal through our online payment system.