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Packages of courses

See the available programs for the winter season 2021. The first ascent is scheduled for the weekend January 9-10, 2021.

You can combine the package of 8 lessons with the two-day school excursion at the end of the season. The program of 6 lessons can not be combined with the two-day excursion and must be completed in the daily ascents of the season. The cost of the test lesson is deducted from the corresponding package you choose. The 2nd sibling is given a 10% discount.

You can pick up the equipment at the end of the registration and return it at the end of the ski season. To test and receive the equipment you must go through our office.

_all programs include:

  • safe transport to the ski resorts by Explosivo ski & snb busses
  • courses with high technical & pedagogical level instructors – coaches, in groups of three (3) to five (5) persons, lasting 4-5 hours
  • accompanying students from the time of delivery to the bus until their return
  • video analysis
  • Lift card (if needed)
  • set snowboard (board– bindings), according to the package
  • snack | photo archive | VAT

_ the programs do not include:

  • the helmet is a personal item and cannot be rented. It is necessary for the personal safety and obligation of each child to provide it. There are special deals with affiliate stores for discount prices. For the test course you can rent a helmet.
  • optional extra school activities. E.X. Optional excursions to Bulgaria’s ski resorts take place during Christmas and Clean Monday days. Also in mid-March, on the occasion of the completion of the courses, a two-day excursion to a ski resort in Greece takes place. You will receive more information about the optional extra school activities by e-mail.
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See the points and departure times of the academy from Thessaloniki. Departure from the ski resort for return is at 15:30.

On Saturday the bus starts from Panorama while on Sunday from Perea. The other bus stops are common. If you do not depart from Thessaloniki you can meet us at the ski resort, after contacting the head of the school.

_I have to wear

  • snowboard jacket and pants | softshell jacket
  • base layer (top and bottom) | snowboard socks

_I have to have with me

  • equipment (if I own or rent for the season)
  • helmet + mask + gloves
  • small backpack containing: handkerchiefs, 2nd set of lingerie, 2nd pair of ski socks

_replenishment of courses

  • depending on the package, one or two replacement courses are performed (see operating regulations)
  • in cases where there is no timely information for the cancellation of the course (see operating regulations), there is a charge of 30 € to cover organizational costs
  • in case, at the customer’s responsibility, that fewer courses are done from the selected package, there is no refund.

parents / escorts

  • parents / escorts wishing to accompany their children on the bus, we will be happy to have you with us, after first informing us until Thursday before each ascent at +302310488600 & to book a seat on the bus, if there are any available. We note that priority is given to: (a) children (!) and (b) parents of younger children (4-7 years).
  • for the participation of the parents-escorts the transfer costs 10 € and the equipment rental / purchase of lift card are done with group rates
  • there is also the opportunity for parents to take private lessons or join an adult group to experience the magic of snowboarding. In case you are interested, please let us know in a timely manner so that instructors are available.

_payment methods

  • with cash or bank deposit in two installments. 50% on registration & 50% on January 31st
  • with credit card (visa / mastercard): up to 5 interest-free installments for registrations up to 31/10, up to 4 interest-free installments for registrations up to 30/11, up to 3 interest-free installments for registrations from 1/12, up to 2 interest-free installments for registrations / extensions from 1/2

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