Ski School

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Welcome to Explosivo Ski School. The ski school that offers our little friends the opportunity to “fill” with pictures, experiences and memories that will accompany them for a lifetime! The idea of a white snowy landscape is sure to fascinate young children who are eagerly awaiting the special moments of a visit to a ski resort. Immediately after the Christmas holidays our courses begin in the mountains of northern Greece and the weekends of our little and big friends are filled with unforgettable experiences, contact with the mountain and nature, developing their athletic abilities and fun. The primary concern of our school is the safety of children and immediately afterwards the effortless contact with nature and the sport of skiing.

_the idea for the school

The idea of the ski school was created in 2005. Together with Konstantinos Trakis and guided by our love for children, skiing and mountains we decided to create the school. A beautiful and big family who embraces all her friends every year and welcomes her new members.

_the groups

The ski academy is aimed at children aged 4 to 15. The groups are formed according to the age and level of the children. This creates homogeneous and small groups, accompanied by experienced instructors (physical education teachers that specialize in skiing, former athletes), who stay close to children all day long in both their learning and leisure activities.


Transfers from Thessaloníki to the ski resorts are done with the school bus. We depart from specific stops and during the bus ride to the mountain, but also the return ride from it, the Explosivo ski school family keeps the interest of young children and adults alive with entertaining games and educational films.


Below you can find information, prices and payment methods for this season’s programs. You can also fill in the application form and the parental statement of responsibility.

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