_our excursion

A day-long, exciting escape to autumnal Vermio, for nature and hiking lovers. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and a short distance from Thessaloniki, Vermio is an enchanting destination, with an amazing palette of colors this season! Our mission: to conquer the four peaks with an altitude close to 2,000m. Hamitis (2,067m), Tsanaktsi (2,047m), Voulgara (2,005m) and the peak with the chapel of the Holy Spirit (1,906m).

Autumn hiking in the peaks of Mount Vermio is a remarkable experience, offering not only physical challenges but also a deep connection with the beauty of nature. Mount Vermio reveals its majesty through forests, meadows, rocky terrain and breathtaking views. Each peak we conquer will provide us with a unique perspective on the landscape, enriching our soul with the beauty of the countryside.


hiking | Vermio | 14.5 km | 5-5.5 hours | medium difficulty | good physical condition | ages: 12+ (accompanied by guardian)

Hamitis: The first ascent

Our hike to the peaks begins with the ascent to Hamitis, which stands tall at an impressive altitude of 2,067m. The path starts from the base of the 3-5 Pigadia ski center and offers us a stunning view of green meadows and forests of beech, fir and holm oak. As we approach the top, the panoramic view from Hamitis is awe-inspiring, with the vast landscape stretching out before us. On one side the plateau of Kozani and next to Pieria and in the background Mount Olympus. On the other hand, the plain of Naoussa, Vegoritis and Kaimaktsalan!

Chanaktsis: A tough challenge

Tsanaktsis peak, at an altitude of 2,047m, presents a rougher and more challenging terrain. It is the 2nd highest peak of Vermio after Hamitis. During our route in the pass through which we approach it and also at its top, the impressive rocky landscape and the distant horizon give us a unique perspective of Mount Vermio.

Bulgarian: Embracing the beauty of nature

Voulgara, at an altitude of 2,005m, offers an enchanting blend of natural beauty. Approaching it, we walk on gentle plateaus, above the beech forests. The charm of the peaks of Vermio is revealed in all its glory.

Holy Spirit: A spiritual peak

Fourth peak in the series, the peak with the stone-built church of the Holy Spirit, at an altitude of 1,906m, which we approach passing by the “Troulos” peak (2,012m).


The excursion takes place with a minimum required number of entries of 15 people and a maximum of 40 people.

_the prices are per person and include:

  • transportation from and to Thessaloniki
  • escort by experienced Explosivo escorts
  • hiking sticks
  • liability insurance
  • legal taxes

_prices do not include:

  • meals and drinks

_do not forget:

  • hiking / trekking / mountaineering shoes
  • small backpack for the hiking activity
  • snacks (pastels, chocolates, power bars) | water (1.5lit)
  • raincoat – windstopper

_route details:

  • kilometers: 14.5km
  • total positive altitude difference: 900m
  • Required physical condition: good