_our excursion

Two-day & three-day hiking tours with a climb to Mount Olympus and the mythical throne of Zeus! A route – crossing that every hiker – mountaineer in very good physical condition should plan.


The organized two-day excursions for Olympus – Mytikas in 2024 are scheduled on the weekends of June 29-30 | July 6-7 | July 13-14 | July 20-21 | July 27-28 | August 24-25 | August 31 – September 1 | September 7-8 | September 14-15 | September 21-22 | September 28-29 | October 5-6.

The organized three-day excursions in 2024 are scheduled on the weekends of July 12-14 & October 4-6.

DestinationDateDate of ReturnDeparture KalamariaCity Center StopOne Salonica StopLitochoro StopTrip DurationAvailable SeatsPrice
OlympusSaturday, 27/07/2024Sunday, 28/07/202407:0007:1507:3008:3001:30110,00
Olympus & MytikasSaturday, 27/07/2024Sunday, 28/07/202407:0007:1507:3008:3001:30150,00
OlympusSaturday, 24/08/2024Sunday, 25/08/202407:0007:1507:3008:3001:30110,00Out of Stock
Olympus & MytikasSaturday, 24/08/2024Sunday, 25/08/202407:0007:1507:3008:3001:30150,00Out of Stock
OlympusSaturday, 31/08/2024Sunday, 01/09/202407:0007:1507:3008:3001:30110,00
Olympus & MytikasSaturday, 31/08/2024Sunday, 01/09/202407:0007:1507:3008:3001:30150,00
OlympusSaturday, 07/09/2024Sunday, 08/09/202406:0006:1506:3007:3001:30110,00
Olympus & MytikasSaturday, 07/09/2024Sunday, 08/09/202406:0006:1506:3007:3001:30150,00
OlympusSaturday, 14/09/2024Sunday, 15/09/202406:0006:1506:3007:3001:30110,00
Olympus & MytikasSaturday, 14/09/2024Sunday, 15/09/202406:0006:1506:3007:3001:30150,00
OlympusSaturday, 21/09/2024Sunday, 22/09/202406:0006:1506:3007:3001:30110,00
Olympus & MytikasSaturday, 21/09/2024Sunday, 22/09/202406:0006:1506:3007:3001:30150,00
OlympusSaturday, 28/09/2024Sunday, 29/09/202406:0006:1506:3007:3001:30110,00
Olympus & MytikasSaturday, 28/09/2024Sunday, 29/09/202406:0006:1506:3007:3001:30150,00
OlympusFriday, 04/10/2024Sunday, 06/10/202413:0013:1513:3014:3001:30155,00
Olympus & MytikasFriday, 04/10/2024Sunday, 06/10/202413:0013:1513:3014:3001:30195,00
OlympusSaturday, 05/10/2024Sunday, 06/10/202406:0006:1506:3007:3001:30110,00
Olympus & MytikasSaturday, 05/10/2024Sunday, 06/10/202406:0006:1506:3007:4501:30150,00

The two-day trips to Olympus are carried out with a minimum required number of participants of 10 people (mini van) and a maximum of 30 people (bus).

The three-day excursions are carried out with a minimum required number of participants of 5 people.

Upon request there is also the possibility for a date and schedule of your choice.

_two-day excursion

On our two-day excursion we leave early on Saturday morning from Thessaloniki to Litochoro. After picking up the participants from other cities we start for the Gorcia forest location (35′). From there we start the ascent, following the route: Gortia – Petrostruga – Museon Plateau. Those who still have endurance can make the ascent to the top of Mytikas on Saturday afternoon.

We spend the night in the refuge of the plateau Giosos Apostolidis. The refuge has a kitchen that can offer a basic but very tasty (!!!) menu.

On Sunday, after climbing to the top, we will start the descent to Prionia with an intermediate stop at the Sp. Agapitos (Zolotas).

The two-day excursion requires very good aerobic & musculoskeletal fitness.

_three-day trips

On the three-day excursion, we depart from Thessaloniki at noon on Friday for Litochoro and then the forest location of Gortsia. From there we start our hike to the Petrostruga shelter where we spend the night on Friday night. On Saturday morning we join the group of the two-day excursion and depart for the shelter of Giosos Apostolidis, where we will spend the night on the second night. On Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, the ascents to the top of Mytikas take place for those who have registered.

On Sunday, after the last climb to the top, we will start the descent to Prionia with an intermediate stop at the shelter of Sp. Agapitos (Zolotas).

The three-day trip to climb Mount Olympus gives you the opportunity for easier adaptation to the altitude and more free time to enjoy the magical and breathtaking landscapes!

The ascent to Mytikas (2,918m) is optional, planned for Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, if the weather conditions allow it and for those whose physical condition allows it. The last part of the climb to Mytikas is done accompanied by a mountain guide and/or climbing instructor and we use climbing equipment (helmet, belay, rope). Those who do not wish to attempt the ascent to Mytika can choose a visit to the nearby peak of Profitis Ilias, a walk to the shelter of Kakkalos or relax on the tallest balcony in Greece!

On our return we follow the route Muses’ Plateau – Zonaria – shelter of Spilios Agapitos – Prionia.

_the prices are per person and include:

  • transfer from Thessaloniki or Litochoro – Gortsia and from Prionia – Litochoro or Thessaloniki
  • accommodation in a shelter
  • group climb accompanied by experienced Explosivo guides
  • hiking sticks
  • liability insurance
  • legal taxes
  • the option of 150€ & 195€ includes the ascent to Mytika accompanied by climbing instructors and the necessary equipment (helmet | belay | rope)

_the price does not include:

  • breakfast
  • extra meals and drinks

_do not forget:

  • mountaineering or trekking shoes
  • mountaineering backpack with waist strap (ideally 40lit)
  • dry-fit t-shirt, waterproof – windproof, fleece, isothermals, cap – gloves
  • sleeping bag or sheets, pillow case, slippers
  • snacks (pastels, chocolates, power bars), water (1.5 lit), sunscreen, sunglasses
  • personal hygiene items

_route details:

  • required physical condition: very good
  • Friday (three-day climb): 6.5km / +1000m altitude difference
  • Saturday (three-day climb): 6.5km / +700m altitude difference
  • Saturday (2-day climb): 13km / +1700m altitude difference
  • Sunday (descent): 12.5km / -1700m altitude difference
  • the excursion is not recommended for people with musculoskeletal problems and in particular the ascent to Mytikas and the passage to “Zonaria” is not recommended for people with height phobia, acrophobia

Prices for private ascents to Olympus

If you wish to make a two-day climb to Mount Olympus and Mytikas in private groups and on the dates you wish, you can contact us to inform you about availability.

The two-day climbs in private groups take place from 2 to 10 people and the meeting point is at the crossing of Gortias. The ascent to Mytika is done only if the weather conditions allow and if the attendant deems your physical condition sufficient.

Prices include:
  • escort by an experienced mountain guide
  • For the ascent to Mytika accompanied by a mountain guide or climbing instructor
  • Accompanied by a mountain guide / climbing instructor
  • Hiking sticks


Prices do not include:
  • Transfers to / from the meeting point
  • Breakfast and meals