_picnic sessions

The idea for the Picnic Sessions was born out of Letisia Liga and the desire to search for destinations and sites that can host unforgettable outdoor activities. A series of excursions designed to share our passion for nature and offer a different approach to outdoor activities. So we designed excursions that combine outdoor activities with a picnic, trying out tastes according to the season and the region.

We invite you to follow us on this series of excursions and experiences and to see nature from a different perspective.

This is The Picnic Sessions!

_Enipeas canyon

Just 100km away from Thessaloniki, one of Olympus’s most famous canyons, the Enipeas Canyon, is waiting for us to cross it.

Starting from the peculiar location of the monastery of St. Dionysios and walking the E4 path, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Olympus with wooden bridges that unite the shores Enipeas, the rock climbing field of Zilnias, the view to the beach of Litochoro. Then we arrive at the location of Myloi.

In the middle of the activity we will have the opportunity to take a break for a short picnic where we will taste the local flavors in nature. The route is of medium difficulty and is a good opportunity for all of us to get away from the city life.


hiking | crossing of Enipeas | 9,4km | 4,5 – 5 hours | middle difficulty | ages: 12+

_the date | departure - return

On Sunday, June 14th we depart from Thessaloniki the following hours:

  • 07:30 Kalamaria | 1st lyceum
  • 07:45 Center | Tsimiski 115
  • 08:00 One Salonica | Stathmou & Koletti

*our return to Thessaloniki is scheduled for 19:00-19: 30

_ the cost of participation is 20€/person and includes:

  • transfer Thessaloniki – monastery of Saint Dionysus & Litochoro – Thessaloníki
  • escort by experienced escorts
  • hiking sticks
  • liability insurance
  • Vat

_do not forget:

  • hiking / trekking shoes
  • backpack with water, snacks (nuts, cereal bars, pastels, chocolates, etc.)
  • raincoat, 2nd pair of socks, tank top, handkerchiefs

_booking procedure:

  • booking by phone / mail
  • reservation requires full name, telephone number, date of birth, departure point
  • payment within 48 hours of booking