_our excursion

A beautiful route, one of the most popular in Greece, which starts from the village of Mikro Papigo and is characterized by the many alternations of landscapes. We start our hike from the cobblestone mines of the village, continue through forests with oaks and mountain cypress to meet bare lakes, dry rocks, alpine meadows and end up in airy saddles and at the top of the mountain near 2000m, where the dragon lake is located. The alpine lakes (glacier remnants) that are formed at high altitudes are characterized as Drakolimnes (Dragon Lakes). The drakolimni of Tymfi is located in the alpine meadow of Tymfi, at an altitude of 2.050m, has an area of about 8 acres and is known for the alpine newts it hosts in its waters.

On the two-day excursions there is an ascent up to Drakolimni, while on the three-day excursions it is possible to approach the peaks of Gamila and Lapatos.


The excursion takes place with a minimum required number of entries of 10 people and a maximum of 30 people.

_three-day excursion

hiking | crossing M.Papigo – Astraka refuge – Tsepelovo | Drakolimni & Lapatos peak (2,254m) or Gamila peak (2,497m) | 31km | of medium/demanding difficulty | ages: 14+

On the three-day excursion, we depart from Thessaloniki on the morning of Saturday, June 22, for the village of Mikro Papigo and begin our hike to the mountain refuge of Astrakas (6km | 3 – 3.5 hours), where we will spend the night.

On Sunday you can choose whether to follow the group that will climb the Gamila peak (very good physical condition is required) or the group that will head to Drakolimni. In the afternoon, those who wish can follow a climb to the top of Lapatos to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view.

On Monday (Holy Spirit Day), after taking breakfast we will take the path to Tsepelovo passing through the beautiful alpine plateaus of Tymfi. Arriving at the beautiful capital village of Zagori, we will have free time to eat before heading back.

_two-day excursion

hiking | ascent to the Drakolimni of Tymfi | 18km | moderate/demanding difficulty | ages: 14+

On our two-day excursion, we leave Thessaloniki early on Saturday morning for the village of Mikro Papigo and start our hike to the Astraka mountain refuge (6km | 3 – 3.5 hours), where we will spend the night. On Sunday we make the ascent to Drakolimni (3km | 1.5 hours each way), where we will have the opportunity to enjoy and photograph the breathtaking scenery! On the way back we will stop at the Astraka refuge to collect our things and take the return path to Mikro Papigo, where we will have the opportunity for coffee, food and a stroll in the beautiful, picturesque village.

_the prices are per person and include:

  • transfer from Thessaloniki
  • stay at Astraka mountain refuge
  • accompanied by experienced escorts of our company
  • hiking sticks
  • liability insurance | legal taxes

_prices do not include:

  • breakfast
  • extra meals and drinks

_do not forget:

  • hiking / trekking / mountaineering shoes
  • backpack (ideally 40lit)
  • snacks (pastels, chocolates, power bars) | water (1.5lit)
  • sleeping bag or pillow case – sheets
  • personal hygiene items
  • raincoat – windstopper

_route details:

  • Mikro Papigo – Astrakas shelter: 6km | HD +1000m
  • Astraka refuge – Drakolimni: 3km | HD -200m/+250m
  • Astraka refuge – Lapatos peak (2.254m): 3km | HD +300m (3d excursion)
  • Astraka refuge – Gamila peak (2,497m): 5km | HD +700m/-250m (3d excursion)
  • Astraka refuge – Tsepelovo: 13km | HD -1350/+500m (3d excursion)
  • required physical condition: very good