On the Sundays of May till September we plan daily excursions for canyoning in the Araplakos ravine, at the foot of Mount Olympus.

(Canyoning = crossing a canyon through the riverbed with rappel, water-slides, trekking.)

Next to the Dion village, we come across the Araplakos ravine. From the base and the car parking we start a hike (20 minutes) up to the entrance of the ravine, where we wear our gear to start. The descent lasts 3-3.5 hours.

The ravine of Araplakos is one of the most entertaining canyoning routes with water slides, waterfalls, a swim and beautiful nature. After we finish the descent we walk for 5 minutes to get to the starting point.

Departure every Sunday (9:00 from Tsimiski 115 or from a central hotel).

Participation fee:

  • 65 €/person

Included in the activity:

  • The Canyoning activity with all necessary equipment and snack during the descent
  • The transfer Thessaloniki – Ravine – Thessaloniki


  • Up to 6 days before departure at 21310488600-1-2, 6987098111 (What’s up) and info@explosivo.gr

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